Catherine Jo Ishino

Summer Workshops w Vignelli & George Lois

Received this announcement, thought you might be interested in attending, especially if you’re interested in going into Corporate Design or Advertising:

1) July 24th – July 31st: @ RIT in Rochester, NY
A. Vassimo Vignelli (NYC Subway map and signage system; Unimark) master typographer & graphic designer.
B. George Lois (I want my MTV and Esquire magazine) adman

2) June 26th- July 3: Armando Milani: GD & Photography, Nice, France

http:// www. dialoguesindesign.com

Have a great summer!


4 Sale Still: Up-Cycled Items for Japan Quake & Portfolio Club

Click on this link below to see samples of items still 4 sale:


Visit Room 134 in School of Design on Tues, March 19th @ 4-5p, or Tues, March 26th @ 330p-5p.

Project 3: Colour Printing, 49c per Dble-sided Copy

Ask for Amit Parikh, tell him Catherine from George Brown College sent you, and he’ll charge you 49c per double-sided colour copy. (I told him @ 20 students might be coming to get their work printed and you needed it by next week, Tuesday, by 9am and noon.)

Sherwood- Digital Copy & Print

T: 416.203.1951
F: 416.203.8650
165 Dalhousie Street, Toronto
between Dundas Street (south) and Mutual Street North

From GBC:
1. Head north on Jarvis
2. Turn left (east) on Dundas
3. Turn right (north) on Dalhousie

Google Maps link:


I did not receive four group’s Project 2 Presentation CDs, so could you send me your group presentation via a PDF please?

OR bring in their CD this upcoming class, i.e. Tuesday, April 12th?

I’m finishing up the grading on Project 2 this weekend, so I’d appreciate it ASAP.

Many thanks,

I have not received the following group’s copies of their group presentations:

1. Key Chains- Nicole Koster, Rosa, Cassandra
2. Laptop Cases- Michelle, Andrea, Iris, Devin, Nicole
3. Cartoons- Fransisco, Olusegun, Dan, Aaron
4. Folders (Brain)- Abdul, Kevin

NEW EMAIL for C. Ishino


Project 2: Fundraiser Photos of Different Groups

Dear Design 2,

I’ve posted photos of various groups, 3D objects and POPs that were taken by Nicole Koster and Adam Johnston. If you’d like to download any of them for your own portfolio records, just click on the photo, hold down mouse, and drag it onto your desktop to make a copy (See 2nd Column under “Project 2: MORE Photos- Tues AM and PM”).

Again, good job & congrats on the nearly $600.00 you raised in 3 hours- you did yourselves proud!


P.S. I know from your record keeping I spent @ $30.oo, as did Luigi Ferraro, Director of the School of Business, Art & Design. The Design faculty & your peers also contributed a great deal of the money raised in support of your terrific fundraising project- BRAVO!

PLS READ- PROJ 3, Magazine: Ishino Calendar

Dear Design 2:

Please note I deleted ALL Project 3- Magazine Calendars NOT relevant to our class!
(Just ‘double-click’ on the ‘active links’ below to ‘open connections’:)


To see more in-depth specifications on the design elements of a magazine, please see:

To see examples of last year’s Design 2 magazines, please see:

To see more online links for professional magazines, please see:

Thank you for your patience, as we all (professors and students alike), embark on this new concept of more cross-collaboration work between classes for the first time.