Catherine Jo Ishino

Project 2: 3D DISPLAY CALENDAR, Weeks 6-10

Project 2: 3D Object & Display- Outcomes
 Information writing
 Socially conscious concept explored
 3D object & display
 Digital presentation

Project 2: 3D & Display Calendar

Week 6- Thumbnails Due: Tues, Feb 15
1) 9 Thumbnails, rendered in pencil on bond paper

Week 7- Mockups Due: Tues, Feb 22
1) Mock up of 3D up-cycled object (at least 50% of final size)
2) Rough draft of Design Rationale (12 pt, dbl-sp, print out hard copy
3) Rough drawing of Point-of-Purchase (POP) display for 3D object fundraiser
on Bond Paper 14×17″

Week 8- Intersession Week: Feb 28- Mar 4

Week 9- Comp via Digital Execution Due: Tues, Mar 8
(Extra Credit: Poster Announcing Fundraising Event)
1) Digital Execution due of 3D object and 3D POP on CD-ROM
or DVD-R; one per group
2) EXTRA CREDIT: Poster advertising Fundraising Event
for Portfolio Club from Digital Execution to be posted
throughout School of Design
A) Final size= 14×17″
B) Body Copy must contain: Day, Time and Place
C) Must have ‘Portfolio Club’ logo visible on poster
D) Must show an image of 3D object for sell
E) Title: Speakers’ Series

Week 10: Fundraiser-Tues, Mar 15
1) Fundraiser in classroom
A) 1 hour set up, 1 and 1/2 hour sell, 1/2 take down

Week 11: Intro Proj 3- Tues, Mar 22
1) Introduction of Project 3- Concept Magazine
2) In Studio: brainstorming, research & development, thumbnails

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