Catherine Jo Ishino

Week 4: Roughs & Logo Location Photos Due

Week 4: Roughs (3) due (4×4” outside square) – showing further logo development in color and larger. Photos of Logo in Location due= 5%

A. Crit of roughs and 2nd draft of crit and proposal (design rationale); Show photos and images of actual logo and location. Share observations in group.

B. In class work: Practice Final Presentation with your Logo Group
1. Pick 1 person to speak about history of logo/company (3 min)
2. Each person present and explain their final logo design choice (3 min each)

C. Assignment:
1. Pick 1 version for your 3 roughs and create 1 final color composition. Print out 8×10″ hard copy, color logo to be inserted into Logo group’s ONE manilla envelope.
2. Rewrite critique of the original logo and explain why you designed your new version of
logo (design rationale to include as your individual part of the group presentation)
3. Create a digital presentation (PDF, PPT, Keynote, etc) as a Logo Group and include Individual Logos. Make ONE CD-ROM.
A. Place CD-ROM in ‘jewel case’ labelled with LAST Names, Project 1: Name of Logo. Day and time of class on outside.
B. Label CD-ROM with Logo Name, Day and Time of class
C. Place CD-ROM inside ONE Manilla Envelope (9×12″) with LAST Names, Project 1: Name of Logo. Day and time of class.

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